Don’t Forget About Online Reviews!


The store or website of your dreams is finally up and running. Staff are hired, content looks good, and products are placed attractively throughout the page or store. Sales are coming in, look at you, you’re doing well. I mean, what possibly could go wrong? Thinking you have it all figured out, you get comfortable. However, there’s one aspect of your start-up that you neglected, online reviews!


Online reviews are key to branding, reputation, and increasing sales. Did you know that 90% of consumers now read online reviews before purchasing? Did you know that 87% of customers won’t use a low rated business? Did you know that 44% of consumers consider reviews more than a month old irrelevant? Well, these are things you need to know. Not only are online reviews important, but they can also boost your SEO rank by +30%.



A great way to accrue and manage a high number of reviews is by using a software application called irevu. With irevu, acquiring reviews are simpler than you think. Anytime a customer places an order or makes a purchase, he or she will be prompted online or on a cashier tablet to leave a review via a social platform like Google or Facebook. After reviews are sent, no matter where they were posted, the manager of the business will be able to see all of them in one centralized dashboard! From here, managers choose from a range of actions, they can: reply, filter, sort, or highlight important reviews that require thoughtful attention. Just remember not to get bogged down by any of the negative reviews. Negative reviews can lead to even more sales! Critical public customer feedback is an opportunity and irevu notifies managers immediately anytime a review is posted so they can get going on a meaningful response that reassures prospects that her product or service is sound or of the quality represented. The worst thing a manager can do is ignore a negative review, but responding to them in a genuine, meaningful manner builds trust and sales among prospects.


Regardless of the field of business, you’re in, healthcare, retail, legal, automotive, your reputation and sales are at stake. Take control of them today and try irevu at Feel the difference it can make to your business.


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