Get to Know Us.

We are disruptive change makers, passionate, and convicted. We focus on the positive, seek out solutions and implement new ideas.

We execute on all deliverables and go beyond what’s required or promised. We are process driven but embrace the change, innovation, and creativity that has made us who we are.

We are irevu.

Meet the irevu Family

irevu exists for the love of entrepreneurship and service of others. Our tribe is made up of a family of nerds, who are passionate about what we do and together we’ve produced the amazing suite of tools and services that is irevu. We consider our customers our friends and are grateful for the opportunities they provide us. So, like a friend, we protect their best interests and are committed to their successes and overall happiness. Our culture is focused on quality at all levels, personally and professionally, promoting a healthy work life balance and, more importantly, prioritizing family first.

Jeremy Lessaris
Jeremy LessarisBig Cheese
Miami Beach, FL & Chicago, IL
Entrepreneurial Shepherd, Libra, Flight Risk, Hotel Snob, Biohacker, Lifestyle Designer, Review Guru
James Rashotsky
James RashotskyCo-Pilot & Mad Scientist
New Brunswick, NJ
Resident Nerd, Philly Cheesesteak Connoisseur, Family Truckster Pilot, Review Tech
Kasey Sherwood
Kasey SherwoodReview Jedi
Miami Beach, FL
Instagram Jammer, Travelpreneuer, Social Butterfly, Ice Cream Obsessor, Review Mastermind
Craig Carter
Craig CarterMoney Rain Maker
Surfside, FL
Hotel Junkie, Master Maven, Big Papa, Hospitality Review Wizard
Angela Bialecki
Angela BialeckiSales Whisperer
Toronto, ON – Canada
Fur Baby Mommy, Adrenaline Junkie, Coffee Aficionado, Closer Extraordinaire, Good Vibe Maker, Review Ninja
Megan Vella
Megan VellaSales Huntress
Chicago, IL
Fashionista, Restaurant Connoisseur, Optimism Freelancer, Concert Scholar, Bakery Enthusiast, Review Savant
Debra Lessaris
Debra LessarisMo' Money
Louisville, KY
Cash Tracker, Doggie Walker (Jack), Cabo Cruiser, Chief Cheerleader, Yelp Helper
SodaShoe Chewer
Cuddle Master, Blanket Connoisseur, Facetime Expert

Yes, our dog’s names sound like a good drink recipe. Cheers!