"Fake News" Is Hampering with Online Reviews

People's relationship with trust has been severely hampered in recent years. From fake news to election fraud, to what is really going on in geopolitical tensions between the west and Russia. Unfortunately, your business is also dragged into a debacle due to the existence and necessity of online reviews, especially Google ones. With more customers searching for the star ratings of products or services before they purchase, having a stellar reputation should be a priority of any business. This point should hit hard for restaurants that experience low margins and a +90% failure rate. Combine that percentage with the fact that +90% of customers search for what restaurants to spend their hard-earned money at before choosing where to dine…and it becomes a near statistical certainty that a restaurant will underperform if it doesn’t have at least a 4.5-star rating.

However, thanks to the advent of the popular term “fake news”, individuals are now questioning everything, even a 4.5-star rating...which doesn't carry the same weight it once did... unless there are numbers to back it up!  If the Google business listing shows its high star rating is backed up by only 10 to 50 reviews, it's deemed suspicious.  Such a low quantity of testimonials can imply that the business owner simply asked their friends and family to leave a positive review to cheat the system. Therefore, it’s imperative to rack up as many positive reviews as possible, enter Irevu! Irevu is a reputation management system that helps you generate a lot of reviews, rank higher on search, and get more visibility in more places, more often. Understand that there are many reputation management software’s out there but Irevu is priced competitively and has its own testimonials to back it up. For example, Irevu helped Ori’Zabas Mexican Grill increase its average rating from 3.6 stars to 4.6 stars with a 17% increase in the number of reviews in just 6 months! Any company that starts using Irevu is going to experience a noticeable increase in the number of 5-star ratings they accumulate. Irevu’s secret?  Irevu makes it extremely easy to capture 5-star customer satisfaction. Whenever a customer makes a purchase via a tablet register or online checkout, they are most likely happy about their purchase (otherwise they wouldn’t buy the product or service, to begin with, common sense logic). Thus, it is at this moment of happiness that the customer is most likely to leave a 5-star review. So, whenever a customer is done with buying your product or service they will be prompted with an auto-populated 5-star review by simply clicking a “submit” button. The customer would have to go through the “inconvenience” and against their own happy feelings of their purchase to leave a sub-5-star rating. The likelihood of a customer leaving a sub-5-star rating at this moment is low. So, it’s almost a guarantee that accruing a plethora of 5-star ratings in this manner is going to work tremendously well. 

Since 2018 the countries that have experienced the greatest loss of trust in the system overall are the USA, Italy, Brazil, South Africa, India, and Columbia. There’s a lot to say as to why this is the case, it could be a combination of tourists having different standards than locals or price or value declining. However, regardless of why trust is being lost about online reviews, if you’re a business operating in one of these countries, it’s imperative you do something about it!

Find a platform that’s right for you at a competitive cost. Try not to focus much on the monthly subscription price, know that the cost of losing business due to a continuation of poor reviews is a lot more costly than a measly monthly fee for a reputation platform.  If you continue to accrue negative reviews, it’s going to thwart repeat customers which typically account for 80% of a company's revenues. A bad review is something online, the individual goes on and spreads their opinion word of mouth to their friends and family who will never buy from you again... On the contrary, with a reputation platform, sales will increase exponentially as your organization pops up as higher rated on Google. Growth will come from accruing 5-star ratings while maximizing the value of your product or service. Find a reputation management system like Irevu and start leveling up your online standing.