Get Noticed For The Holidays

The holiday shopping season is nearly upon us, has your organization done anything to prepare? Are your marketing campaigns ready and is it backed up by your stellar online reputation for maximum customer conversions? Truth be told, your competitors are already ahead of you…

Anticipating holiday shoppers your competitors got a head start back in the summer by improving their online reputation with a platform like iReview. Using such a system improved their Google star rating dramatically thanks to a plethora of 5-star reviews which subdued any existing 1-star reviews down into meaninglessness. Now, when your potential customers search for you and cross-reference your competitors, they’ll see that your peers have a higher star rating than you which means… most likely they’ll get the sale, not you. So, now you’re thinking “whatever, we can just compete at a lower price point.” Really? In today’s economic environment, nearly 40% of small businesses defaulted on their rent payment in October. Given the inflationary climate, we're confident your organization doesn’t have much room to lower prices just to compete and earn less money. Besides “saving” is a loser way of thinking long term, you need to focus on how to earn more! A reputation management system will certainly improve your Google star rating to its deserved level thanks to all the hard work and effort you put into your business to attract more potential customers.

Hotels, restaurants, insurance companies, and car wash venues are all using Ireview setting themselves up as the highest Google-ranked business in their area. Once a business obtains a +4.5-star rating, it’s almost certain to keep accruing more happy customers through word of mouth. On the contrary, if your business is struggling with a sub-4.2-star Google rating, that’s got to change before word of mouth recognizes you as the “it’s just ok” place. Holiday shopping represents the biggest sales of the year for most businesses, make sure your eCommerce website or retail store ranks as high as possible on Google search pages thanks to your high star rating. Try using a reputation management platform today and see how fast you can accumulate a large number of 5-star reviews.