Online Reviews Help Your Business for So Many Reasons

Many businesses believe simply having a great product or service is the old school bread-and-butter way of leading to success. Unfortunately, in today's markets, having a superior product or service isn't always enough to grow your business. Time is against you when starting a business with high upfront or fixed costs and sales are not yet enough. Enter online reviews. Online reviews boost your search results online, give you a public forum to leave authentic and genuine responses, and convert prospects into customers.

Firstly, online feedback simply increases the number of times things are being written about your business; this is making it easier to search you online. Secondly, reviews also bring traffic to your website which leads to high margin sales since there’s no commission for listing your product on say…

Reviews build trust, this cannot be emphasized enough. Marketing managers need to stop worrying about negative reviews and start viewing them as an opportunity to leave a genuine, empathetic response that yields approval and respect from prospects. Also, leaving a public response to negative feedback shows you’re not afraid of being scrutinized further. So, in this case, not only do review matter, regardless of being positive or negative but so does the response!

Start accruing reviews today with irevu, a software as a service offered at Irevu promises to improve search results and viewership of your business. The manager will notice an immediate increase in the number of reviews arrayed because irevu makes it easy for customers to leave feedback in just 2 clicks!  In addition, irevu’s proprietary software notifies managers of any negative feedback as soon as it’s posted, giving them a lot of time to articulate a great response.

Try irevu today, offered at, and feel the difference it can make to your business. 

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