Rank Up With 5-Star Ratings

In today’s digital age, reputation is becoming increasingly important. How important is it? Nine out of every 10 potential customers Google your business listing before spending their hard-earned money at your venue. Ask yourself, if someone searches your business online, does it upload displaying both a ranking and lots of nice pictures? These are things to think about because appearance and reputation matter.

Let’s start with your online ranking. Rank means whether your Google search results in loading you on page 1 or page 7+. Most internet users (over 90%), do not go past the first Google page, and few scroll past the first 7 listings. So online visibility matters. Your star rating influences your page rank. The higher your company's 5-star rating, the closer to page 1 on Google your business can be for its specific keywords. So star ratings directly affect your organization's SEO. Most prospective customers do not want to shop at your venue unless it has a +4.5 star rating. Thus, you must find a way to accumulate as many 5-stars for your business as possible. Enter Irevu, the reputation management platform that helps you generate more reviews, rank higher on search, and get more visibility in more places, more often.

Irevu prompts your customers to leave a great review upon every purchase. How so? After subscribing, Irevu gives your business QR code fobs to be placed next to your register and on the tables or counters in your retail location. In addition, you can place the same QR code on the customer receipt.  This way while customers are waiting for say…their coffee, they can scan the QR code on their receipt and submit a 5-star review before their oat milk latte arrives. You can even incentivize customers by offering customers a 10% discount to do so.

Rather than hoping your employees remember to ask every customer to leave a 5-star rating, the QR code being placed everywhere is a helpful reminder for both the customer and your staff to ask for the review. If few repeat customers have left your business a review yet, then that represents a lot of money left on the table. Stop slacking off, continuing to operate with a sub-4.5-star rating is hurting your cash flow and prompting potential customers to spend with your competitors, and that should frustrate you! Make a change, start using a reputation management system today, it does so much more than just accumulate a plethora of 5-star ratings on your behalf. Reputation platforms also scan and read everything that’s being said about your business online, from Reddit, Instagram, Google, Facebook, Yelp, you name it. As a user of the platform, you’ll know what's being said positively and negatively about your organization, as well as your peers, so you can offer value against their weaknesses. Try and see for yourself.